Gibbon’s architecture allows for the use of modules and themes to extend the functionality and change the appearance of an installation. The number of extensions currently available has gown in recent years, and our ambition is that this area will continue to grow in order to make Gibbon adoptable by virtually any school.

Open Source Modules


The Alumni module allows schools to accept alumni registrations, and then link these to existing user accounts.

Released 30/11/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker


The ATK module allows schools to run a program of Approaches To Learning assessments, based on a rubric.

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker


The Badges module allows a school to define and assign a range of badges or awards to students. Badges recognise, for example, academic, social or athletic achievement or progress.

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.02 | By Ross Parker


Credentials is a module for storing and sharing student login details: it is aimed at helping teachers of young students retrieve forgotten usernames and passwords for the various systems they use. IT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR STORAGE OF IMPORTANT PASSWORDS PROTECTING SENSITIVE DATA.

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker

Data Admin

Provides a step-by-step interface to import different types of data into Gibbon from csv and spreadsheet files. Also includes tools to export and cleanup data.

Released 11/12/2018
By Sandra Kuipers


Offers a unified feed of latest posts from student and class websites to staff, parent and student dashboards.

Released 24/04/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker

Free Learning

Free Learning is a module which enables a student-focused and student-driven pedagogy that goes by the same name as the module. Read more about Free Learning at http://rossparker.org/free-learning.

Released 10/12/2018
Requires Core v16.0.00 | By Ross Parker

Help Desk

Facilitates an IT, or school-wide, help desk, where users can report and track issues, whilst designated members of the community help them.

Released 15/04/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ray Clark

Higher Education

Allows students to track higher education applications, and be supported by teachers as they do so. Also supports collaborative, school wide reference writing.

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker

House Points

Allows schools to track the allocation and accumulation of house points.

Released 03/10/2016
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Rapid36

Info Grid

Offers school-defined image-grids of links to useful resources, with access based on role category (staff, student, parent).

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker

Meet The Teacher

The Meet The Teacher module provides easy access for parents (via Gibbon’s Parent Dashboard) to the online Meet The Teacher service.

Released 10/10/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Jim Spiers, Sandra Kuipers & Ross Parker


A module to support Moodle Integration. This module has no actions and is not seen by users, it just alters the database.

Released 05/05/2016
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker


A place to store, share and view school policies, either as files or links. Policies can be designated for access by particular audiences.

Released 02/05/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker

Query Builder

Create and run SQL statements from within Gibbon, exporting the results to Excel. Gain access to a library of maintained SQL statements with a gibbonedu.com value added services license (currently available free of charge by emailing support@gibbonedu.org).

Released 14/09/2018
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker


A solution for producing PDF reports to formally feedback student progress to parents, students and other schools. This open source module can be customised by contacting Rapid36. Documentation included in the /documents folders within the module.

Released 15/12/2017
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Rapid36

Proprietary Modules


Gibbon provides inbuilt tools for continuous assessment, but lacks support for traditional report writing and publishing. An extended, proprietary version of Rapid 36’s open source reporting module (see above) is available for those schools requiring extra functionality, customisation or support. Contact Andy Statham for sales information.



A dark theme designed to please dark, moody teens.

Released 15/01/2019
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Ross Parker


For ocean lovers.

Released 15/01/2019
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Max Sze & Ross Parker

Time Forest

Be in tune with the forest.

Released 15/01/2019
Requires Core v15.0.00 | By Max Sze & Ross Parker

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