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Stable Version

Use the following link to download the Gibbon Core. Follow the Installation Guide, and then you can look in the Extend section for themes and modules.

Released 20/06/2018

v16.0.01 is a compatibility update for systems running PHP5.5

Gibbon v16.0.00 (Taipa) features further code base refactoring, better tables, improved Data Updater workflow, ad hoc Groups in Messenger, Simplified Chinese and Polish language support and more than 75 other fixes, tweaks and improvements.

As always, we’d like to offer a massive thank you to our growing team of volunteer developers and translators: your ongoing work helps make Gibbon better for all of us. You know who you are!

For those interested in helping us to build a stronger community, please consider completing our Gibbon Community Survey 2018:

If you would like to volunteer to translate Gibbon into your language, please email

“Taipa is an island in Macau, presently united by an artificial landfill to the island of Coloane. Administratively, Taipa constitutes a freguesia (civil parish) named Freguesia de Nossa Senhora do Carmo. Taipa is 2.5 kilometres from Macau Peninsula.” –

Important Notes for v16.0.00

  • If you are upgrading, please read the Changes With Important Notices section of /CHANGELOG.txt before you install, to see if your upgrade requires any manual intervention.
  • Always backup your files and database before upgrading.
  • The GitHub development branch for v17 will be made available in the coming week:
  • Our Gibbon Development Road Map, will be updated shortly, and will include our Trello planning board for v17 and future release dates. Take a look at

Cutting Edge Code

If you would like to run the very latest, not-necessarily-stable cut of Gibbon, you can get it from our GitHub repo. Please be sure to read the Cutting Edge section of our Installation Guide before using any of these files.

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