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Use the following link to download the Gibbon Core. Follow the Installation Guide, and then you can look in the Extend section for themes and modules.

Stable Version v21.0.01
Released Jan 27, 2021

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v21.0.01 Ee Gaa

“Ee Gaa” (而家, ji4 gaa1) is Cantonese for ‘now’ or ‘right now’, and is used to communicate in the present tense. For example ‘ngo ji gaa hai uk kei’ means ‘I am at home now’. It is one of few Cantonese words beginning with an e sound, and is often pronounced as ‘yee gaa’


  • Visual improvements to forms and menus
  • New Data Retention and Data Privacy functionality
  • New System Overview page showcasing available support options
  • Improved tools and information for System Administrators
  • Afrikaans and Ukrainian are now available as installable languages
  • MySQL 8 compatibility

Gibbon Mapping Project

We are building a map of schools using Gibbon and/or Free Learning, and we’d love to know about your usage. If you have a moment, please complete our 3-minute form: Thanks!

Release Notes

Welcome to Gibbon v21.0.01 (Ee Gaa). Our most noticeable change is a visual improvement to the appearance of forms and menus. This release also includes new Data Retention and Data Privacy functionality, improved tools and information for System Administrators, Report emailing tools, MySQL 8 compatibility, and more than 140 other enhancements.

Continuing the amazing work of our volunteer translators, Gibbon v21 adds both Afrikaans and Ukrainian as active languages. Our appreciation goes out to everyone who has worked hard to translate Gibbon into their language: thanks to your ongoing efforts Gibbon is now available in 22 languages!

If you would like to volunteer to translate Gibbon into your language, please email

v21.0.01 is a minor version release which addresses an issue identified in the Attendance > Students Not Onsite and Students Not Present reports, which were missing some attendance logs when using Attendance by Class. This minor release also includes additional improvements made since the v21 release. We highly recommend all administrators running v21 to update their systems to this latest version.

Although this is not a security issue, there is the potential for it to impact student health and safety in the case of an emergency evacuation, at a school using the Students Not Onsite and Students Not Present reports. As such, we felt it prudent to push this fix as a minor release, and announce its availability by email.

Important Notes for v21.0.01

  • Since v17, Gibbon requires a minimum PHP version of 7.0. Please check to ensure your server supports this requirement before upgrading. Gibbon v21 has been tested up to PHP 7.4, which is the highest recommended version. Gibbon does not yet support PHP 8.
  • Always backup your files and database before upgrading.
  • If you are upgrading, please read the Changes With Important Notices section of CHANGELOG.txt before you install, to see if your upgrade requires any manual intervention.
  • See the Updating Gibbon guide for detailed steps.

Developer Notes

Expert Support

The Gibbon community continues to offer a high level of friendly, timely and knowledgeable support via our forums. For schools requiring support beyond what the community provides, we offer a range of Expert Support options via

Gibbon Core on GitHub

Cutting Edge Code

If you would like to run the very latest, not-necessarily-stable cut of Gibbon, you can get it from our GitHub repo. Please be sure to read the Cutting Edge section of our Installation Guide before using any of these files.