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Stable Version v25.0.00
Released Jan 20, 2023

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v25.0.00 Ice House Street

‘Ice House Street (雪廠街) is a one-way street in Central, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Named after the structure previously located on it that housed the city's only source of ice, it stretches from Lower Albert Road to Connaught Road. The street is noted for several historical landmarks situated on it, most notably the Club Lusitano and the Old Dairy Farm Depot.


  • Messages can now be saved as a draft and previewed before sending
  • Activities, staff duty and coverage now display on the timetable
  • The new admissions system is turned on by default and is no longer in beta
  • Staff coverage can now be requested for timetabled classes, activities or duty
  • New visual tools have been added to help assign and manage coverage internally

Release Notes

Welcome to Gibbon v25.0.00 (Ice House Street). This release includes a new tool for visually managing internal staff coverage, making teacher substitutions easier than ever. In addition we have supercharged the timetable, which now displays activities and duties, both of which can also be included in coverage requests. The Admissions module and flexible Form Builder, added as beta in v24, are now the default for fresh installations. In addition, Messenger now includes a Pre-Flight mode, allowing sending users to see who will receive a message, and to receive a testing copy.

v25 also includes future attendance for ad hoc groups, an Off Timetable option for special days, custom fields for lesson plans and more than 40 other enhancements and improvements.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who continues to work hard to translate Gibbon into their own language. Thanks to your ongoing efforts Gibbon is available in 24 languages! If you would like to volunteer to translate Gibbon into your language, please email

Looking To The Future

Version 25 is a landmark release for Gibbon, representing 12 years of development, 100 code releases and over 18,000 installations across the globe, all driven by a small but committed team of volunteer developers. In reflecting on where we have been, we are excited to let you know a little more about where we are going next:

  • Over the past few years we have been working with lawyers, accountants and advisors to set up the Gibbon Foundation, a non-profit entity incorporated in Hong Kong. Although this work remains underway, our hope is that within 6 months it will be ready to provide a secure legal framework for the ongoing development of Gibbon, with a focus on community development, intellectual property, advocacy and fundraising. This marks a major landmark in Gibbon’s transition from a “two-person band” (Sandra and Ross) to a sustainable, global project.

  • After many years of January/June releases, we will be adjusting our release roadmap from v26 onward, to begin releasing in November/April instead. This means v26 will be an extended development cycle, releasing November 20, 2023.

  • For Gibbon v26 (Joss House Bay), rather than adding new features, we will be focusing our spotlight on stablising the Gibbon codebase, improving our documentation, and supporting our growing community. In the same way that an agricultural field requires fallow time to maintain its fruitfulness, so do open source projects!

Important Notes for v25.0.00

  • Gibbon v25 requires a minimum PHP version of 7.3. Please check to ensure your server supports this requirement before upgrading. Gibbon v25 supports PHP 8.1 and MySQL 8.0, which are the highest recommended versions.
  • Always backup your files and database before upgrading.
  • If you are upgrading, please read the Changes With Important Notices section of CHANGELOG.txt before you install, to see if your upgrade requires any manual intervention.
  • See the Updating Gibbon guide for detailed steps.

Developer Notes

Gibbon Core on GitHub

Cutting Edge Code

If you would like to run the very latest, not-necessarily-stable cut of Gibbon, you can get it from our GitHub repo. Please be sure to read the Cutting Edge section of our Installation Guide before using any of these files.