Importing Users Into Gibbon

Gibbon allows you to use CSV files to import synchronise users from other system. To do this go to Admin > User Admin in the main menu, and then Sync Users in the module menu. Note, it is also possible to import and sync student enrollment records and family relationships using other options within the User Admin module menu.

When importing, the following procedure may help ensure your success:

  • Follow the on-screen instructions in Gibbon.
  • Prepare your CSV file in LibreOffice (which gives more reliable results than Microsoft Excel).
  • Make sure to include all columns, as shown in the on-screen instructions in Gibbon. You can use the import sample file to help you get started.
  • Before importing, highlight all cells and set their format to Text.
  • Export your file to CSV, making sure to check the Edit filter settings box.

CSV Export

  • In the Edit filter settings dialog, set:
    • Field delimiter to ,
    • Text delimiter to
    • Check Quote all text cells.

CSV Export Options


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