Google Integration

If your school uses Google Apps, you can enable single sign on and calendar integration via Gibbon. This process makes use of Google APIs, including OAuth, and allows a user to access Gibbon without a username and password, provided that their listed email address is a Google account to which they have access

1. Log in to the Google developer console found here. This requires that you have an account with administrative privileges on your Google Apps domain.

2. Once logged in you need to create a new project by clicking the Create Project button:1createProject

3. In the new project set-up dialog, give your project a name. Click the Create button:2newProjectPopup

4. Setup Project Credentials: click APIs & Auth in the side bar:


5. Then click Credentials:


6. Click the Create New Client ID button:


7. In the new client ID window, do the following:

  • Choose Web Application.
  • Set Authorised Javascript origins to the url of gibbon on your server.
  • Set Authorised Redirect URI to The googleOAuth folder is in the in the lib folder of Gibbon v7.1.02 and above on your server.
  • Click create client ID:


8. Under Public API Access click the Create New Key button:7newDevloperKey

9. Choose Browser Key:


10. Press the Update button (leave referers blank. Otherwise the system gets hung up on Google+):


11. Everything is now set up on the Google side, so you can enter your details into Gibbon by going to User Admin > Manage User Settings and looking in the Authentication Settings section. The details you need to enter into are as follows.

  • ClientID (yellow)
  • Client Secret (pink)
  • Redirect URI (green)


  • Developer Key (Under the Public API Access, highlighted yellow):

12. To turn the required APIs, click APIs in the side menu to make sure the Google+ API, the Google+ Domains API and the Calendar API are turned on:

13. Finally, customise the Consent Screen by adding Product Name, Site URL and Logo so your users are not confused by the process.

14. On the Gibbon home page, you should now see a Sign In With Google button, which allows users to enter the system without their Gibbon username and password.

15. When a user logs in using Google, their personal calendar, if not yet set, will be set to their primary Google Calendar.

16. In additional, the school can specify a Google Calendar for all users to have in their timetable. To set this up, go to Admin > System Admin and set the School Google Calendar ID field to the ID of a shared Google Calendar.

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