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Gibbon is released in two different ways, according to our release cycle and road map:

  • Stable Code – these are official releases, published through our mailing list. They may be major releases (e.g. v10.0.0) or minor releases (e.g. v10.0.01), depending on a variety of circumstances. Stable releases are available via our Download page. Stable code enforces a much slower update cycle.
  • Cutting Edge Code – these are our latest code cuts, and so are not as well tested or refined as stable releases. They are not recommended for production, but do give access to the latest features, via an update cycle that is as fast as you like (or as we commit). Cutting edge code can be downloaded via the dev branches on our GitHub repo.


During installation, your Gibbon code will check its version against our servers, and determine whether it is stable or cutting edge code. You cannot change this choice through the interface (and it is not recommended to change it via Inspect Element or some other means).


The update procedure for stable and cutting edge code is the same: the only variable is where you download the software from.

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