Logging In


To access your Gibbon account, you need to login. The login window is available in the sidebar of the homepage of your Gibbon installation.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 7.35.39 pm


The login screen has two main options, which can be revealed by clicking on the Options link below the password field.

  • School Year – by default Gibbon logs you in to the current school year (e.g. 2015-16). If you want to log into previous or future years (given that you have permission), select the year here.
  • Language – Gibbon is currently (as of August 2015) available in 7 different languages, with more on the way. To change your language for the current session, select here. Language can also be set for the whole school, as well as within your Preferences.

In addition, if your school has configured it, it is also possible to login using a Google account.

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