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Gibbon - The Flexible School Platform

Created by teachers, Gibbon is the school platform which
solves real problems encountered by educators every day.

Being free, open source and flexible Gibbon can morph
to meet the needs of a huge range of schools.

Student Centred

Gibbon collates student information, helping teachers to understand, contact, find and help their students.

Teacher Led

Gibbon is built by teachers to solve problems common to all schools, allowing seamless planning, teaching and assessment.

Unified Access

Teachers, students, parents and administrators all access Gibbon from the same web-based platform, with highly configurable levels of access.

Free & Flexible

Gibbon is free, open source software: its flexible design gives schools complete control and freedom.

A Global Platform

Gibbon is used by many different schools around the world, including international schools, public schools, home schools, and refugee schools.

We’re creating a map of schools to discover where and how Gibbon is being used. Visit the map to learn more and feel free to add your school to the map.

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Gibbon speaks many languages! The core is available in 22 actively-translated languages, with many more in the works. It also provides support for right-to-left text and UTF-8 encoding.

Our language options are made possible by the many volunteers who have worked to translate Gibbon into their language. Learn more about our available languages and collaborative translation tools.

Created by Educators, for Educators

The workflows in Gibbon have been designed in a school, based on feedback from the people using it everyday.

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Community Support
& Development

Gibbon’s guides and documentation are open source, written by fellow users and developers. If you can’t find the answer in the docs, you can also ask members of the Gibbon community in our support forums.


Gibbon aims aim to provide all schools, no matter their size or resources they have, with the systems they need for effective learning, teaching and school management.

Open Source

As an open source platform, Gibbon enables schools to host on their own servers, backup, redistribute and modify the software as needed.


Right from the beginning, Gibbon was designed to be flexible, extensible and themeable, whilst aiming to help teachers to do their jobs.
Como escuela, nos ha impresionado Gibbon ya que es muy flexible, amigable y contiene todos los módulos requeridos en una escuela, recomiendo esta herramienta para toda institución educativa ya que provee una facil instalación, y un ambiente de trabajo no visto en otras plataformas desarrolladas con el mismo objetivo. Adolfo Cabrera, System Administrator, Colegio Citalá, El Salvador
From a parent’s perspective, Gibbon provides easy and timely access to progress and upcoming tasks. The planner page gives me a chance to sit with my son on a regular basis and talk through his homework plans and how they fit in with his classwork. Parent, International College Hong Kong
Wow! I have thoroughly enjoyed using Gibbon. It has an excellent user interface, relevant modules and an interesting price tag! It’s superb! Tayo Popoola, School Principal, Nigeria
As an experienced educator, I can tell you that if your school or district is looking for a school platform, the search should begin, and will end, here. Christopher Whittum, Educator & Writer,
I teach ICT and coordinate the school’s IT, and can not think of a better system than Gibbon – smart, intuitive, flexible, inspiring, one platform for all - to introduce to supercharge the whole school community. Victor Datsyuk, ICT Coordinator, Myanmar International School
I have never seen such a useful online tool that is so interactive and efficient and so clever. Sherry Lee, Education Journalist & Parent, International College Hong Kong
Gibbon è uno dei più avanzati ambienti di sistema informativo scolastico web based, con cui far interagire docenti, studenti e famiglie in tempo reale Carmine Sirignano, System Administrator, Italia
Gibbon looks very promising. User Interface is very intuitive and eye-candy. Source code is well organized and easy to read. Arek Gladki, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Poland
Gibbon is an excellent, comprehensive and streamlined tool that makes all information available in one place. Having used other systems in previous schools, Gibbon has been a refreshing, intuitive, time saving change. As a VLE, it is clear that this is a tool that students readily engage with and access regularly. Teacher, International College Hong Kong
Gibbon is the best school management software system I have seen, even after heavily researching school software for more than a year. It is a real gem of an open-source project that outshines many commercial alternatives. It is very fast, reliable, and intuitive—not to mention aesthetically pleasing! Father Vlasie, IT Director, SPOTS, California,
It is great to have a one-stop-shop for everything within the school. We are able to access student data quickly and easily. Our admissions process is now streamlined, freeing up time and energy. It is great to move our school away from a dependency on paper and archaic systems. Adam McGuigan, Principal, Kyoto International School, Japan
Screens That Eat Children

A book for educators and parents from Ross Parker, Founder of Gibbon.

Based on the same values as Gibbon, Screens That Eat Children invites readers to consider how we can live better in an age of attention and surveillance. Learn more.