Gibbon was founded in October 2010 in response to a lack of powerful, usable and open source school platforms. Right from the beginning, Gibbon was designed to be flexible, extensible and themeable, whilst aiming to help teachers to do their jobs. The project aims to provide all schools, no matter their size or resources they have, with the systems they need to provide effective learning, teaching and school management. Gibbon is built using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Git, Atom and other open tools.

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Gibbon is a work of volunteer labour, built with love and passion by people just like you. If you would like to contribute your time and expertise to the Gibbon project, please email support@gibbonedu.org. If you are a programmer or technical writer, you can access the latest version of the codebase via our Github repository.

Our Team

Our core team of developers work to ensure that every release is a stable, steady step in the right direction, whilst providing support and advocacy for users of the project.

Ross Parker . Founder
Ross works as Technology Director and Teacher of ICT at International College Hong Kong, where his aims are to make school run better, whilst simultaneously innovating and disrupting the process of educating young minds. Ross has worked in the intersection of education and technology for over ten years: Gibbon is the third school platform he has been involved in building, and represents the correction of many past mistakes.
Sandra Kuipers . Maintainer
Sandra works at The International School of Macao, applying code and design to tackle the many interesting projects that arise at a school. She has worked in a mix of industries—from oilfield training to virtual worlds—and now enjoys the positive impact of designing for education. Gibbon’s open source teacher-focused philosophy has been a perfect fit, and Sandra hopes to see the developer community continue to grow.
Ray Clark . Developer
Ray is a form student at ICHK, and has an interest in programming and computers in general. Over the past 3 years, Ray has worked on development of the Gibbon core, starting with small bug fixes and graduating to adding new back-end functions and building new features. In addition, Ray has also developed two additional modules for Gibbon: Help Desk and a Trip Planner, both of which are available on our Extend page.
Leonardo Freitas . Developer
Leonardo works as a system architect and full stack developer at UFMG in projects integrating technology to teaching and learning. Open source enthusiast, he is an active member of communities such as Moodle, among other open source systems. Interested in gamification, he also develops learning objects for integration with Learning Management Systems.


Gibbon is inherently embedded within, and indebted to, the broader communities of free/open source software development and open culture creation that have grown around the Web. In addition to our core team members, we would like to recognise the huge impact of all of our various contributors:


Thanks also to the following volunteers, who have worked hard to make Gibbon speak a range of different languages:

  • Ömer Faruk YILDIRIM – Turkish
  • Abdul Rahman Yousef – Arabic
  • Adrian Hodson – Indonesian
  • Ali Al-Hassan – Arabic
  • Anastasia – Russian
  • André Alexandre Padilha Leitão – Portuguese
  • Andrei Piscenco – Russian
  • Ararsa Chelkeba – Oromo
  • Arek Gladki – Polish
  • Aurele Gnanha – French
  • Bart Deruyter – Dutch
  • Brendon Gama – Portuguese
  • Bruce Banner – Amharic
  • Cedric Claidiere – French
  • Charlie Chow – Chinese
  • CR Robotic – Persian
  • Daniel Owens – Vietnamese
  • Dennis Lin – French
  • Dimitar Hubenov – Bulgarian
  • Dino Andalananto – Indonesian
  • Enrique Herrera Noya – Spanish
  • Enrique Snitzes – Spanish
  • Felix Olesen – Danish
  • Geral – Portuguese
  • ghetau iulian – Romanian
  • Gilvan Marques – Portuguese
  • Guillermo Bautista Fuerte – Spanish
  • Haim Hillel – Hebrew
  • Heinz-Raphael Reinke – German
  • Hugo Paredes – Portuguese
  • Inês Branco – Portuguese
  • Irene Rompies – Indonesian
  • Israel Pinheiro – Portuguese
  • Jørgen Mortensen – Danish
  • James Peru – Swahili
  • Jasmin Klindzic – Croatian
  • Jasmine Chan – Chinese
  • jeanbaptistamegnon – French
  • JiangWei – Chinese
  • Jorida Shahinas – Albanian
  • Konstantinos Chonias – Greek
  • Kris Clauw – Dutch
  • Luai Kamel – Arabic
  • Mark Rompies – Indonesian
  • Nahum Duran – Spanish
  • Nguyen Quoc Uy – Vietnamese
  • Nicolas Arriaga – Spanish
  • Oleg – Ukrainian
  • Pia Kontiainen – Finnish
  • Ramon Arnal Palasi – Spanish
  • Risiyanto Budi – Indonesian
  • Rodrigo Magalhães – Portuguese
  • Roger Ávila – Portuguese
  • Ronnald Machado – Portuguese
  • Roy Yao – Chinese
  • Sandra Kuipers – English
  • Saumya Kanta Swain – Oriya
  • Scarlette Leung – Japanese
  • silver – Arabic
  • Stefan Goßrau – German
  • Susanne Bergsmark – Norwegian
  • Tarif Khashaneh – Arabic
  • Tarul Ahsan – Bengali
  • Thiago Henrique – Portuguese
  • Tiit Vaher – Estonian
  • Toni Ruhanen – Finnish
  • Vic Mortelmans – Dutch
  • Victor Datsyuk – Russian
  • Vladislav Kalashnikov – Russian
  • Wattana Hinchaisri – Thai
  • Wilson Canda – Portuguese
  • Yasir – Urdu
  • Yoni Yacobi – Hebrew
  • Yoshie Cresp – Japanese
  • Zbigniew Orlicz-Błoński – Polish
  • Алексей Трубицын – Russian
  • Андрэй Барскі – Russian

Total translators: 77

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